Talent concept

Dingtai Pharmaceuticals adheres to the talent philosophy of valuing talents, caring for talents, putting people first and making the best use of their talents. Welcome people of insight to join our team for common development and brilliance!
  • Talent training and growth

    Talent training and growth

    Dingtai Pharmaceutical focuses on talent training and has established a staff training, education and development system, including new employee induction training, basic training on GMP drug production quality management practices for corporate employees, and product standardization. Through knowledge training, the professionalism of Dingtai employees has been effectively improved, enabling employees to grow together with the company.

  • Talent incentive

    Talent incentive

    Dingtai Pharmaceutical provides a fair competition opportunity and environment, and constantly improves the salary appraisal and performance evaluation work to motivate employees to realize their personal values and pursuits!

we need

People who always grow with the team;

People who are always optimistic about the team's prospects;

People who can find their place in the team!


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