Contraindications of plasters

2020-08-17 15:43:09 浙江鼎泰药业股份有限公司 Viewd 1610

Those with contraindications should not abuse them. Those with one of the following conditions should use caution:

(1) It should not be applied when the affected area has redness, swelling and ulceration to avoid purulent infection. Toxin plaster can be applied according to the condition.

(2) If you accidentally cause muscle contusions or joint or ligament strains during normal exercise or work, do not immediately apply Shangshi Pain Relief Ointment or Musk Zhufeng Plaster to the injured area. Because this kind of plaster has the effect of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, it cannot achieve the purpose of reducing swelling and pain after being applied, so it should be applied after 24 hours.

(3) All plasters containing musk, frankincense, safflower, myrrh, peach kernels and other ingredients for promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis should be banned by pregnant women. Especially pregnant women's umbilicus, abdomen, lumbosacral area should not be put on plasters, so as to avoid local irritation and cause miscarriage.

(4) If there are pimples, blisters, or conscious itching on the local skin after applying the plaster, it means that the plaster is allergic to it, and the application should be stopped immediately and anti-allergic treatment should be given.